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Job Performance Aids (JPA’s)

Are you going to be able to keep up with the talent requirements as technology advancements in the workplace continue? Will you be able to compete reliably as global competition increases?

Will you be able to initially meet or keep up with accreditation requirements? As the competition for talent increases globally and organizations look more and more toward the organic growth of talent, will you be able to contain the costs of talent development?

Job Performance Aids (JPA's) are the toolsets used by people to enhance their performance; jobs and special assignments. When used they help to ensure consistent processes and outcomes and they facilitate analytics for performance improvement.

JPA's are one of The Big Three of Performance: Mindset, Talents and JPA's. JPA's are a critical element of the entire Performance Management system. They are methods or techniques that have consistently shown results superior to those achieved with other means, and that can be used as benchmarks.

They include items such as:

Mission, Vision and Values

Plans: Strategic, Operational, Project Management...

Job Descriptions

Instructional/Learning Materials

Regulations, Accreditation Requirements and Policies

Procedures, Processes and Work Flow Diagrams

Technical Manuals

Checklists, Forms, Matrices...

Decision Matrices, Algorithms or Worksheets...

Surveys, Questionnaires, Assessments

Templates for All the Above



They are solution sets which:

Increase Reliability of Performance: Product or Service Quality (in global economy, vitally important to middle users)

Production and Quality

Behaviors and Outcomes

Increase and Insure Efficiencies of Product Development, Delivery, and Ongoing Service

Enhance Continual Process Improvement Efforts

Facilitate the Sharing of Expertise - sharing best practices

Reduce On-Boarding Time

Reduce Learning & Development Costs

Reduce "High Aptitude" Talent Requirements

Facilitate the Transfer of People from One System to a Similar System

Enhance Risk Management, Safety and Security

Enhance Problem Solving

"Companies that combine the right operating model with superior execution are winners in good times and bad. They not only ride out recessions more successfully, they also emerge from them more quickly. As companies resume the quest for profitable growth and high performance in the upturn, they can no longer afford to ignore the role of process in delivering value to their customers."


JPA's and a JPA management system are required in industries that are highly focused on consistent processes and outcomes, safety, and high levels of performance such as:

Highly regulated, accredited industries such as healthcare and nuclear power generation (e.g. Nuclear Regulatory Commission and JACO respectively)

United States Military: Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, National Guard, and Navy

Globally recognized quality performance champions such as ISO Certifications and Baldridge and JD Powers Awards

All work is process. You cannot prolong your journey to world-class by constantly putting out fires or blaming employees for systemic problems."


talegence provides:

Tracking of JPA's and JPA Architecture; specific to jobs, functions (e.g. Human Resources), organizations/divisions/departments, and individuals

Quick Access to JPA's (links and records management)

Update Alerts (continual improvements by SME's, regulated change requirements, change recommendations, and changes made)

Criteria to identify SME's and Mentors for each JPA; transparent to employees to align them with organization needs

JPA discussion rooms

JPA's are integrated into talent architecture, jobs, internal certifications such as SME's and Mentors, employee dashboards, career management...They enhance Talent Acquisition, On-Boarding, Learning & Development, Performance Management, Employee Engagement, and Succession Management.

Ask your management team these questions:

Performance is subject to three primary factors: mindset, skillsets and toolsets. How would it impact our on-boarding, learning      and performance if we had a system of tracking, updating and making accessible our toolsets (Job Performance Aids –    JPA’s)? How would it impact our customer service?

How would it benefit our quality, production, efficiencies, new employee on-boarding, learning & development, and succession     management if:

Employees had easy access to updated Job Performance Aids (policies, processes and procedures, checklists, forms,     manuals…)

We identified Subject Matter Experts for each JPA to update and improve JPA's, to help peers understand and use them,    to ensure compliance with regulations and accreditations..

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