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Align & Engage

 Are your employees aligned with your business strategies, your mission, your values...? How much of a difference would it make to their motivation and commitment; to their mindset?

 Is your Talent Management system continually aligned with your changing strategies?

 How many different ways does your TM system facilitate engaging your employees; your employees expertise?

 Is your engagement process tied to criteria; does the process have measurable impact on your On-Boarding, Learning & Development, Succession Management, Performance Management, and Change Management functions?

Aligning the System:

"Business Driven"  or as Bersin & Associates call it, "Strategic Talent Management" as a concept was introduced in 2011 as the next generation of Talent Management software. At that time only 7% of HR or Talent Management functions of organizations had implemented it as a strategy; zero Talent Management software offered it as a solution. This has been part of talegence's design strategy since its inception (Background of talegence)

This is the process of converting business strategies to talent strategies, which includes activities such as:

If business product line is changing including product/services deletions, additions and modifications; production processes (e.g. technology); and production locations how are talent needs impacted

If changes in marketplace are expected how does this impact talent needs

If changes in pricing are expected how does this impact talent needs

Talent realignments can include:

1. Numbers of people needed in different job functions

2. Sources of people may change: hired, outsourced or subcontracted, temporary employment services

3. Changes in the locations of where talents are needed

4. Increased needs in higher levels of technology talents

5. Changes in talents: talent types, job families, competency families, certifications or licenses required...

These will have impact on Talent Management elements and functions such as:

Talent Architecture


Talent Acquisition


Learning & Development


talegence facilitates this realignment solution through tools such as a variety of prompts and alerts. Figure 1 is a "big picture" illustration of both aligning the Talent Management system and aligning the people with organization Operational and Strategic plans.

Figure 1

Aligning People:

Motivation and commitment increase as people and the roles they play are continually aligned with the organization's mission, vision, values, goals and objectives, events, and decisions. The process of aligning people begins in the Talent Acquisition process; continues further during On-Boarding; and is conducted continually, day-in and day-out, by leadership and talegence.

Through talegence there is a cascading effect, from the "C" suite to the front line (Figure 2). Transparency of this information also has a "line of site" impact on people. If you can see it, it's easier to be part of how you do business on a day-to-day basis. This also enhances employee motivation and commitment.

Figure 2

Engaging People:

Throughout talegence there are a number of tools that establish the framework for engaging employees daily.

The "real time" transparency of information such as: business plans, talents needs data for individuals, organization recognized talents needed for the future data (Succession Trending), certifications and jobs' talent requirements, talent development information such as learning maps and mentors, and performance assessment data are all initiators of the engage process for people.

talegence engages employees in activities such as:

Self Talent Verification

Self-search of Talent Verifiers for Newly Developed Talents

Recommend Talents Needed for Jobs

Identify Self Development Opportunities that are Aligned with Organizational Needs


Internal Certifications

Identify Own Career Plan

Identify/Design Learning Maps for Self Development

Forums/Discussion Rooms - Social Collaboration

"What If Mind Drills" Participation

Self Performance Assessments

As SME's, Mentors & Coaches, and Other Certifications

Identify Critical Talents

Identify Crucial, At-Risk Talents

Talent Architecture Maintenance

Verify Talent Development/Growth

JPA's - Maintenance and Consulting

Recommendations for Job Candidate Assessment Tools

Lessons Learned Process

"What If Mind Drills" Development

Process Change Teams

On-Boarding of Others

Job Shadowing and Structured OJT Delivery

Project Team Roles such as Project Team Leaders, Project Managers and Statistical Analysts

This module has great impact on the mindset of employees, which subsequently impacts performance.

Extraordinary Results


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